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We are Change Makers

Our goal as a deconstruction company is to lead our industry by maximizing reuse on all of our projects elevating our profession.

Our pledge is to always act with integrity and curiosity, bringing innovation and our expertise to projects ensuring reuse happens.

Residential, Commercial, OutBuildings

Structural Deconstruction

Did you know that the demolition of one house is equal to one humans lifetime worth of waste? Have an outbuilding, barn or shop that needs to be removed or cleaned out? Hire us to deconstruct your home, giving lumber and materials a second life and keep them out of the landfill. 

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Technical Demo, Interior guts, Full Renovations

Selective Salvage

Our team can reclaim everything from the kitchen sink to beams and doors before you embark on your remodel.  We recover more than your average demolition crew for peace of mind and to keep resources local.

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Skilled Deconstructionists & Labor

Site Services

We like to keep our skilled and meticulous crew busy in between jobs. If you have a small or big job that requires extra strong hands, we can send 1-5 crew members to help out on a time and material basis.

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Structural Deconstruction

We can remove just about any structure (or portion of) from your property and maximize reuse through deconstruction. We partner with subcontractors to remove foundations, or can work with the project site and concrete sub, reducing the duplication of equipment deployment. Examples of previous deconstruction projects include:

  • Full property removal including main structure, guest houses, outbuildings, fencing and garden features
  • Large - small residential wood structures
  • Commercial buildings with wood frames or roofs.
  • Whole house remodel down to studs - inside and out.
  • Mobile homes
  • Barns
  • Water tanks & towers
  • Sheds

Selective Salvage

Selective salvage projects involve both interior and exterior salvage before demolition begins for the purpose of saving materials for reuse. We can perform the necessary demo in addition to salvage to simplify the process, or serve as a skilled addition to your demolition team.

Examples of our various project types include:

  • kitchen cabinet and finish removal
  • bathroom finish removal
  • fireplace & chimney removal
  • deck removal
  • gazebo and trellis removal
  • paver, brick and stone removal

Site Services

We can perform any of the following site services to help bring your project to it's starting or end point:

  • Technical demolition for investigative purposes
  • Skilled labor for property needs such as plant, small tree, rock wall, and fence removal
  • General labor for special projects when you need an extra hand such as brush removal, chipping, and hauling
  • Garage, estate, or shed clean outs

Our Process

Our goal is to make reuse happen and we make an excellent addition to any project, no matter how small or large. We are happy to accomodate any project, and can complete the entire deconstruction project or simply perform salvage as an add on to your demo team.

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Walkthrough, Bid & Start

We typically conduct a walkthrough of the property to assess the project scope and reusable materials that will be reclaimed. We:

  • Take photos of the project
  • Establish the scope of work
  • Answer questions about the

Within a few days we will:

  • Provide you with a bid
  • Send the scope of donation off to an appraiser if the project is a donation, if applicable.

Secure your spot on our schedule by signing our contract as soon as you are ready.


We strive to fit into our clients budgets and have a number of methods to do so.

Unusual Spaces where we shine:

  • Tight Access: projects that have little to no access for equipment are our sweet spot.
  • Sensitive or Complicated sites: We are competitive with demolition on remodels and projects where a portion of the building must remain or located in a sensitive area.

Typical Projects

  • Interior guts that require technical demolition and have specific reuse requirements are our specialty. Our team is trained to work with contractors to maintain structural components of buildings and ensure areas of no work are protected.
  • For large residential building removals, we partner with Reuse Alliance to allow you to donate the materials and we'll consign them at our store. This allows you to take a tax deduction for the value of the materials, providing an offset to the cost of deconstruction.
  • Outbuilding removals: we typically can be competitive with demolition by providing a credit back on the bid for the material value.
  • For commercial project removals, we can work within your budget to reclaim what is possible given your cost and time limitations while meeting your reuse goals.

Project Timing

Typically full deconstruction is one week per thousand square feet. The length of a project depends not only upon the size of a building, but also the quantity of finishes and any additional services required on the property. Methods we use to mitigate timing issues:

  • Carefully plan out schedule in coordination with other early construction subs.
  • Begin interior salvage work before permits are pulled if allowed within jurisdiction.
  • Remove whole walls when possible and space allows.
  • Bring lumber back to our yard for denailing.
  • Utilize equipment such as reach and scissor lifts where space allows.
Why does deconstruction take so much longer than demolition?
The purpose of deconstruction is to save materials for reuse, and to source separate non reusables for recycling. In order to do this, we use 5-7 people to remove materials properly for reuse in a second life. Demolition does not allow for materials to be reused - in fact other than concrete, materials from demolished structures end up in the landfill because they are too contaminated for reuse or recycling!

Materials typically reclaimed

We typically reclaim everything that can be reused from the kitchen sink to the lumber in the walls.

Materials that typically are recycled include metals, clean wood scraps, and concrete. Contaminated and composite materials such as painted wood and sheetrock, asphalt shingles, and anything with glue or plastic go to landfill. This is the result of poor design and installation. We support design and installation for reuse and deconstruction.

Deconstruction in a nutshell

Deconstruction Services In a Nutshell

Pre-Deconstruction: We submit a comprehensive bid for reuse and recycling services for your residential or commercial project.

During deconstruction we will assign a project manager to work with your general contractor or project management team, and they coordinate our crew which:

  • inventories reusable materials
  • deinstalls reusable fixtures, appliances, mechanical systems, finishes and lumber.
  • prepare materials for proper transport to avoid breakage
  • coordinate with receiving end users, appraisers, and non-profit recipients.

We have partnered with various for-profit and non-profit organizations chosen for their integrity and most effective reuse of the materials. We do not believe in removing materials for reuse if they are just going to be recycled on the receiving end. We take pride in our work, and work to ensure that the materials we remove for reuse do indeed see a next life in their current form.  

If you require Union labor, we have several partners that we work with who are able to salvage materials for reuse, and work efficiently and effectively at saving materials.

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