We are Change Makers

Our goal is to lead us into a reuse based economy by sharing our reuse expertise in both the waste and construction industries.

Our pledge is to always act with integrity and curiosity, bringing innovation and our expertise to projects ensuring maximum reuse.

Residential & Commercial Deconstruction & Reuse


Our team is experienced in both field and classroom training. Have a group that needs training in reuse or deconstruction? Hire us to teach the necessary skills and develop the right mindset for your people to make reuse a viable part of your operation, services or jurisdiction. 

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Deconstruction & Reuse Policy & Practical Applications


Our team has extensive experience in both the policy and practical application of reuse and deconstruction.  We can tailor our approach to transform your operation, services or jurisdiction enabling effective reuse and deconstruction.

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Commercial Moves, Clean Outs, Materials Placement

Reuse Services

One organization's depreciated assets is another's new sweet layout. Our team can coordinates placement of materials with local non-profits.

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Our Clients

We work Contractors, City & County Agencies, and Tribes & Non-Profits to help make building material reuse happen.


Training - On Site Services

We consult with contractors who are new to deconstruction and interested in learning the process and the techniques to deconstruction. We:

  • coordinate with the project management team to help them learn the deconstruction process
  • provide deconstruction process management for contractors needing an extra team member
  • provide a deconstruction survey and follow up detailed inventory of reused material with delivery and tonnage verification
  • work with demolition subs to train their crews in deinstallation techniques to maximize reusability of building materials, appliances, fixtures and finishes.

Training - Classroom & Program Development

We work with non-profit organizations, Cities, Counties and Tribes to train specific groups in deconstruction and reuse facility management and start-up. We:

  • provide custom and standard curriculum for classroom training
  • design training based upon specific site conditions and goals of the program
  • provide in the field training on safety, tool use, and material reclamation techniques specific to deconstruction for maximum reusability of materials.
  • advise on appropriate reuse facility development for the area and available funding stream

  • provide a deconstruction survey and follow up detailed inventory of reused material with delivery and tonnage verification
  • work with demolition subs to train their crews in deinstallation techniques to maximize reusability of building materials, appliances, fixtures and finishes.

Consulting - Policy

From San Francisco to New York, our CEO Nicole Tai has extensive experience with municipal and county government programs in waste and construction. Merging her two areas of expertise, Nicole has a unique ability to determine what policy will work for a given region, county or city based upon available data. There is no one sized fits all solution to implementing reuse and deconstruction policy, especially when it comes to building materials.

Nicole makes an excellent addition to consulting teams focused on innovative ordinances and reuse policy. Click here to learn more...

40+ years experience

Our two principals, Nicole Tai and Brandon Bugge, have each over 20 years of experience in the deconstruction, reuse, construction and demolition fields. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Deconstruction Project Management
  • Reuse Project Management
  • Materials brokering
  • Technical demolition
  • Reuse policy
  • Deconstruction policy
  • Community organizing
  • Tool & Equipment training

Reuse Services

From office buildings and skyscrapers to estate clean outs, our team has experience coordinating the distribution of materials to non-profits and consignment stores for maximum reuse of materials before or after liquidation or estate sales. We leave a space clean and ready for it's next use or tenant. We can serve as an add on to an existing move out team for ultimate environmental and community benefit, or run your entire project.

During the planning or the process of any move or remodel of your facility, consider our pre-liquidation reuse logistics services. We provide the following ways to effectively reuse the stuff you are not taking with you:

  1. Identification of valuable items for liquidation, donation, recycling, and/or landfill.
  2. Nonprofit shopping days. Services include:Coordination with liquidators to ensure proper materials are saved for sale or auction.

We aim to make integration of reuse into your project seamless and straightforward.
- donation receipts of inventory taken by each nonprofit
- onsite monitoring of nonprofit participants
- optimal setup of items for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
- coordination of transport for large donations to nonprofits
- hire any movers needed for donations or materials viable for reuse but not desired by liquidators

We recommend that you bring in a liquidator to buy all or part of your valuable items— before or after our process—to help fund your move.

Our staff thrives on reuse logistics; we have experience working on both large and small move-outs with companies like Google, Dolby, and Clorox, and estate clean outs with groups such as Changing Places. We've placed material at institutions and organizations as large as the San Francisco Zoo and as Grassroots as Leah's Pantry. We strive to keep as much local as possible, and can partner with international placement organizations for large projects with 10's of truckloads of material.

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