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Press Democrat

Santa Rosa supply business ‘unbuilds’ to reuse resources

April 19, 2024

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Press Democrat

Free Fix-It Fair a welcome spot in Santa Rosa for folks

May 14, 2022

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North Bay Biz

Hammer & Nails: Women in the Trades


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Made Local

In With The Old

Sep/Oct 2020

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Our CEO Nicole Tai is working with with municipal, county and state government programs to promote policies that promote reuse, deconstruction, and smart green building. Merging her two areas of expertise, Nicole has a unique ability to determine what policy will work for a given region, county or city based upon available data. There is no one sized fits all solution to implementing reuse and deconstruction policy, especially when it comes to building materials.

Stay tuned as we build out this space for policy updates and articles.

Green Building & Codes

While our Green Building code and CA building code are designed to keep us safe and help reduce our impact on the planet, they are increasingly complex and present obstacles to making housing affordable.

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Design for Reuse

Design for Reuse, design for disassembly, design for deconstruction and installation for deconstruction are all important areas to develop in order to make deconstruction feasible in the future. The newer the building the more difficult it is for us to deconstruct due to reduced quality of materials, excessive usage of fasteners (nails/screws) and glue, and inclusion of composite materials (multiple layers of different types of materials all in one). It is much easier to deconstruct a building from 1920 than one from 1990. And this needs to change.

Design for Deconstruction

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Making New Climate Data from Old Timber

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