Safety Boot Guardrail System

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Product Description

  • Unlimited possibilities – Create OSHA compliant guardrails using  2X4’s and Safety Boots
  • Be proactive – Construct a guardrail in minutes and expand throughout each construction phase
  • 24/7 fall protection – Passive guardrails are always there when you need them to prevent  falls and protect personnel
  • Simple use – Assemble two 2X4 into an installed base and you’ve got an OSHA compliant post
  • Instant toe-board – includes a slot on each side, allowing lateral placement into boot to meet toe-board regulations
  • Compact design – Measures in at 10-1/2″ diagonal (Just under 8″ x 8″ square) and weights under 10 lbs each


The SafetyBoot is not worn on your feet, it is THE reusable guardrail solution designed to maximize versatility, minimize waste and keep people safe! The safety boot is made from a high-impact polymer and weights just 2 lbs, but insert two 2X4’s into the base and you’ve got a rigid post. Slide some horizontal boards into the base and create instant toe-boards. The base itself is easy to install, with just a few bolts and washers the boot can be anchored into concrete, steel, wood.

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