Sleek curves with a subtle industrial twist. Inspired by local a metalwork artist we’ve name this table “La Playa” in honor of the home of DIY creativity. The dark coloring of this table accenting the long streaks of grain gives rise to images of sprawling stretches of serene desert beauty. Crafted from reclaimed heritage Douglas Fir, or a wood of your choice, along with finished angled steel, this table pairs well with classic interior decor as well as the spacious feel of modern minimalism. We offer benches with curves to match the smooth lines of the table to make a beautiful complete set.


All of our tables hail from reclaimed wood from local Bay Area homes and buildings. All of our handcrafted tables are one of a kind and will set your dining room apart from the pack.

Locally made by GreenLynx Woodworks in Santa Rosa, California. Made to order 2-6 weeks depending upon availability.


Dimensions & Pricing: Dining - 36" x 6' x 1-⅜”  Pick-up Only. Custom sizes available

Finish: Water based whey, oil, restaurant grade lacquer (additional cost)

Species: Douglas Fir

To order, please call: 707-757-5685 or email woodworks@greenlynx.net

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