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Author: Nicole Tai, Marin Home Resource Guide



Hammer & Nails: Women in the Trades

Skilled Construction Trades Pose Challenges to Women

Making it known that having women in the construction trades is to society’s benefit, says Nicole Tai, might require an effective and wide-reaching public service advertising campaign. Tai is a third-generation general contractor and president of Sonoma County-based GreenLynx. Tai says the company provides “full and surgical” building deconstruction, building materials sales, reuse logistics and green consulting. GreenLynx essentially builds in reverse, she explains, taking materials out of buildings being torn down and keeping them out of landfills and as pristine as possible so they can be reused.

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Author: Jean Saylor Doppenberg - North Bay Biz



In with the Old

GreenLynx and the World of Reuse

“There are so many different lives that a 2 x 4 can have,”

muses Nicole Tai on a warm July morning. As I follow her through the bright, airy showroom, her words transform what I initially perceive to be just stacks and stacks of wood, much of it leaning against the walls, organized by size and shape. 

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Author: Jess D. Taylor - Made Local Magazine




Nicole Tai, CEO, GreenLynx – Nicole will discuss the growth of GreenLynx, which started in 2013 as a deconstruction coordination group and has grown into a full service reclaimed materials company with a Woodworks, Retail Store, Deconstruction service, and Green Building division. GreenLynx opened its store in Santa Rosa in August 2017 and is currently expanding to include reclaimed furniture and finish products, a reclaimed lumber retail and receiving yard, and on-site pickups of reclaimed lumber. Nicole Tai will also briefly discuss the recent Deconstruction Workshop GreenLynx hosted along with the EPA, and the amazing group formed out of this gathering.


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