Deconstruction Training 

Our deconstruction and Executive team have provided many hours of deconstruction training to existing deconstruction teams and to new students both in the field and in classroom. We can tailor your training to meet the available site or team.   

Deconstruction Consulting

We do deconstruction but we can also assist others in performing deconstruction as well. We'll help you or your contractor:

  • Determine best materials for salvage and your budget
  • Create itemized report for appraisal for your tax filing

We can also assist with the following:

  • Recommend materials for reuse versus recycling
  • Incorporation of reclaimed materials in design
  • Design for reuse – choosing materials that will be reusable in their next life
  • Tax – deduction opportunities
  • Charitable donations
  • Resale of items from the site to benefit your bottom line and reduce project costs
  • Resale of items integrated into our costs

Green Building Training

Our construction team can provide a unique green building training with a concentration on design for reuse, install for disassembly, deconstruction (of course), and a dive into deep green building concepts such as passive houses, rainwater catchment, and greywater. 

Reuse Logistics Consulting

During the planning or the process of any move or remodel of your facility, consider our pre-liquidation reuse logistics services. We provide the following ways to effectively reuse the stuff you are not taking with you:

  1. Identification of valuable items for liquidation, donation, recycling, and/or landfill.
  2. Nonprofit shopping days. Services include:Coordination with liquidators to ensure proper materials are saved for sale or auctionOur staff thrives on reuse logistics; we have experience working on both large and small move-outs with companies like Google, Dolby, Clorox, and Oracle. We work with local nonprofits in your area, and have worked with small food pantries up to large organizations like the San Francisco Unified School District and San Francisco and Oakland Zoo. We aim to make integration of reuse into your project seamless and straightforward.
    - donation receipts of inventory taken by each nonprofit
    - onsite monitoring of nonprofit participants
    - optimal setup of items for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
    - coordination of transport for large donations to nonprofits
    - hire any movers needed for donations or materials viable for reuse but not desired by liquidators
  3. We recommend that you bring in a liquidator to buy all or part of your valuable items— before or after our process—to help fund your move.

Reuse Consulting

Need reuse and/or deconstruction expertise added to your Zero Waste Management Plan or as an addition to your consulting team? Our staff can assist with development, writing, and editing of Reuse Sections.