GreenLynx is a general contractor providing full-service green and lean building in Sonoma and Napa Counties. Let us help you build smart and create a space that will work for you well into the future. Our goal is to enable homeowners to rebuild green within their budgets to create a secure and resilient future for them and their family.

We engage with you as a team – working to fulfill your dreams within your means.

Whether you have plans in hand or just an idea in your head, fill out our project description form and our Project Managers will contact you to set up an initial meeting to discuss how we can help meet your needs.


We have extensive experience in entitlement work including working with Architects and Engineers to help build your vision within your budget, and working with building departments to obtain necessary permitting.


As the General Contractor, we work collaboratively with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and our clients to ensure the goals, green materials and techniques are implemented. We coordinate with skilled licensed experts in order to reduce time delays and unnecessary code compliance issues or avoidable errors.

We are excited to work on projects that include the following green innovations:

  • greywater
  • rainwater catchment
  • reclaimed materials
  • natural materials
  • xeroscaping
  • co-housing and other creative living environments

As a company deeply committed to reuse, we innovate by incorporating reclaimed materials from your site, salvaging materials for reuse marketplaces, and recycle responsibly when materials are not suitable for reuse.

We seek to work with clients and subcontractors who value our environment, pursue balance in  life, treat all others with respect, and see the beauty in quality materials and construction. The process of construction can be much more creative and fun when you work with like-minded people.

Get started:

Call us at 707-787-LYNX to leave a detailed message about your questions and needs.

  • For an estimate and consultation, call us at 415-690-0196 to discuss starting your building process.
  • Email us by clicking here.
  • Send us a simple project description via our project description form.
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