We are a San Francisco & Sonoma based deconstruction company with over 35 years combined experience in deconstruction, reuse, and green building. We specialize in full building and renovation deconstruction for both residential and commercial/industrial properties, have a custom woodworking shop, building materials reuse store, remodels and new home construction, and provide deconstruction and green building training.

We work with

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Construction Management Firms
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Corporations
  • Insurance companies
  • Farms & Wineries
  • and of course individual property owners.

By deconstructing buildings and making the resulting material available to the public, we are saving trees and other resources upstream, thus reducing greenhouse gases associated with climate change. We enjoy our meaningful work provides because we know we are positively impacting the environment that our children will inherit.

Our goal as a company is to lead by example. Once our clients realize that with planning and logistics their projects can easily transform waste into resources - that’s a win-win for everyone!

At GreenLynx, we strive to go beyond what people are calling “green” and “sustainable.” We push the envelope as much as possible to support and create markets for materials that have a higher and better use through reuse.

Being a general contractor we know how things should be built, and thus we know how to take them effectively apart for reuse. And conversely, by deconstructing materials and homes, we especially know how materials should be installed within buildings.

As a result, we think about your job from start to finish, even though we may only be conducting the salvage in the beginning. We strive to work ourselves seamlessly into your project.


GreenLynx, a division of Nielsen/Aire Corporation, is a third generation women-owned General Contractor company formed in 1990. Originally we operated as a commercial tenant-improvement company and during the first dot-com boom and then bust, we remodeled and then demolished the same spaces South of Market over and over. This resulted in an enormous amount of reusable like new material from companies that went out of business sometimes before even moving into their offices. Thus the idea for GreenLynx was born.


In 2010, Nicole (CEO) began running deconstruction jobs and in 2013 we brought on Brandon Bugge, our COO, who had previously run his own deconstruction and building materials reuse store in Montana. We opened our reuse store in Santa Rosa in August of 2017, and our Woodworks in November 2018! 


29 years ago, Dale Nielsen started the commercial tenant-improvement construction company after many years as an engineer in the Army, Army Corps of Engineers and the Peace Corps - During WWII, he was known for his expertise in demolition and TNT - he blew up bridges and then rebuilt them! In 1995 his daughter Barbara Egger came on board and together with the company’s long-time foreman they grew the company into a $5 Million a year business. Granddaughter Nicole Tai joined in 1998-2000 recovering materials, and then again in 2005.