Jackson St 1 950 sqft Jackson 4

Jackson, San Francisco
950 sqft
Working with a new non-profit partner, The Reuse People, GreenLynx salvaged a kitchen and laundry room while the owners continued to live in this San Francisco Apartment. Cabinetry, light fixtures, appliances and tongue and groove wall paneling were all saved and donated to TRP. This small project lasted 3 days from start to load out including demolition down to the studs. Bens Moving made the final haul to TRP for us which made this a fairly straightforward and easy project, except for the 50 stairs!


Washington, San Francisco
3,300 sqft
Two spiral staircases weighing over 500 lbs each were a fun twist on our typical deconstruction projects. The first steel spiral stair weighed over 700 lbs and took 5 crew members to maneuver into the truck for transport – we were lucky it was on street level! We salvaged all interior finishes, doors, fixtures and appliances of this Presidio Heights home. Our second round of work involved removing exterior decking, doors and windows. The Away Station had the wood from this project sold as it was coming off the truck! This project was a pleasure for us to work due to it’s great view of the Presidio, easy access to the bridge, and awesome staff at Plath & Co, GC’s on the project.


Irwin, Hillsborough
5,700 sqft
Possibly the oddest house we’ve ever been in, Irwin Drive felt institutional but had some interesting items we managed to save and donate to The Away Station. 2 Safes (1 antique), wine vaults, Belgian foam trim, a vintage brass spyglass and 3’ wide x 9’ tall double hung windows were carefully dismantled by our meticulous crew without a hitch. Fencing abounded on this site and we were able to recover almost 90% of the boards for reuse. All the usual suspects – appliances, plumbing and light fixtures, cabinets, and an entire truckload of built-in solid wood shelving typical for 1950’s mansions made their way to a second useful life before the main structure was demolished due to the the usual lack of time issues associated with fall.

 DuFranc 1

DuFranc 2

Down to Frame


Salvaged Wood

DuFranc, Sebastopol
1000 sqft
Don’t think a mobile home could be deconstructed? With GreenLynx on the job, we can pretty much make anything happen! It didn’t hurt that the home had 2 redwood decks that the owner wanted to save, and was extremely committed to reuse of as much of the building as possible. Give us 3 days and we can make it happen. A full truck load of metals for recycling came off of this one along with the reclaimed materials.


Steiner, San Francisco
5,200 sqft
This vertically challenging project involved the complete interior soft strip of a turn of the 19th century home. We were able to save period chandeliers, windows and redwood trim, as well as cabinetry and plumbing fixtures from a recent remodel. Materials were taken to The Away Station for reuse and repurposing as is, along with Ohmega Salvage acquiring some of the more vintage pieces from this project. A smooth deconstruction process enabled us to get in and work while the General contractors crew set-up for protecting finishes to remain during the remodel. The 70% grade of Steiner St was a fun challenge – we decided to keep it safe with this one and sub out the moving to the awesome Pat Ryan moving crew. As is typical with remodel deconstruction projects, we had a second phase involving window removal in order to preserve the facade for the duration of time before the new windows were installed.


25,000 sq ft-150,000 sqft
Our staff have managed 13 projects at google ranging from small truckload pick-ups up to to 20 truckload materials and deconstruction management projects. Our most recent project involved the simple pick-up of new materials that were not used on the job-site for various design reasons and needed to be hauled off quickly or they would have been landfilled or recycled. Commercial reuse is an up and coming industry, and we are excited to be in on the ground floor (and second floor etc…). Our most fun at Google was trading trees with a local tree mover in exchange for their expertise and labor to provide 3 giant ferns and 2 Japanese maples to an SFUSD school garden project for much needed greening of their previously all asphalt yard.


West Dry Creek, Healdsburg
500 sq ft
One of our smallest projects, but very rewarding, was a 1890’s redwood shed deconstruction original to this property. The goal at this beautiful Sonoma land was to salvage the redwood boards for the owner to reuse. This involved complete decon of the 20’x15’ out building completely framed and sided with old growth red wood. With a crew of 3 we completely dismantled, denailed, and stacked the clean lumber in a nearby lean-to within 2 days. We left the owners with a nicely raked clean space where the shed was situated and a substantial stack of lumber which for use as interior finishings in their new home, as well as enough tin for use in additional future sheds.

San Francisco, Ashbury Terrace
1,000 sq ft
Ashbury Terrace was a basement remodel and backyard deck and plant removal. Our work at Ashbury was quick – 1 day to deinstall and 1 day for loading of a small truck of finish materials including doors, cabinets, fireplace surround, and bath fixtures. During that time we also removed 3 carloads and 1 truckload of plants that were donated to two San Francisco public schools and The Away Station, which received the finish materials as well. This was a fun (although a bit rainy) job that allowed us to help bring some much needed greenery to local schoolchildren.

San Francisco, Sea Cliff
5,124 sqft
Sea Cliff was an amazing job – not only for its views but for the quick turnaround we were able to provide to the client. 3 days of salvage with 2-3 crew members and we were able to produce 2 truckloads of custom finish materials. What a pleasure it was working at this location – the construction crew was top notch, the materials were gorgeous, and the positive response from the non-profit couldn’t be beat! Thanks to Pat Ryan moving for moving all the beautiful material and keeping it that way all the way to The Away Station!
San Francisco, Clipper St.
1,000 sqft addition
Clipper Street was a complete teardown of the back 1,000 sq ft addition of a Victorian. The unit was in very bad shape, and material recovery was slim. The most exciting piece of the project was the old growth doug fir we salvaged – rough sawn and true dimension. This project netted 1 small truckload each of lumber and finish materials. Completed in just under 1 week with a crew of 4- 5 despite an extremely difficult space- we had a tight 32” hall as our only access to the street. The project was a great example of the challenges San Francisco presents for demolition and puts deconstruction on equal financial footing.