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Green Building Consulting Services

green_point_ratedGreen Point Rating & Advising

GreenLynx provides Green Point Raters to manage all aspects of your Green Point Rating needs. We can advise on your project during initial stages, rate projects for permit submittal, and rate your projects for an official Build It Green certificate.

Our process entails an initial consultation to determine the scope and purpose of the project.

You will submit:

  • Architectural plans (if available)
  • Reason
  • Budget limitations
  • Environmental goals (rainwater collection, Photovoltaics, thermal solar, greywater)
  • Desired point score for Green Point Rating
  • Any other pertinent information

Often times the process to attain an official Green Point Rating is overlooked due to lack of information, so we’ll provide you with our advice as to what makes the most sense given your budget, timeline and project goals.

Once we determine your scope, we can submit a bid to you for our services. Generally for Single Family New Construction, Green Point Ratings tend to be $1500 for permit submittal, 1800-$2500 for Certification, and Green Point advising is generally done with a retainer fee and then on an hourly basis.

Once you accept our proposal, you will submit your Green Point Checklist with your desired points selected. This gets reviewed internally for 1-5 days so we can assess what additional points are already on your plans that you are missing, additional points to help meet your stated goals, and removal or addition of points to help work within your budget limitations.

A 1-2 hour initial meeting with the Architect and client is scheduled (if necessary) to discuss our assessment and determine a final checklist for submittal.

Once you begin your project, our Green Point Raters work with you throughout the process to collect information, conduct on-site inspections, and meet with the project team as needed.

We typically will be on the project site once construction begins 2-5 times depending upon the scope and size of your project/development. We aim to make our clients feel at ease, and ensure that we are a useful addition to the project.

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