Temporary to full-time, $14/hr DOE

Location: North Bay, San Francisco Bay Area

Job Description: Seeking a semi-skilled carpenter or experienced deinstaller to help with deconstructing buildings to salvage materials for reuse. A deinstaller carefully removes materials from buildings in reverse of how they were put in, preserving the materials for reuse as much as possible. The deinstaller also helps load, unload, and transport the materials to various locations around the Bay Area, and performs various daily cleanup duties.  A deinstaller must be able to travel around the SF Bay Area for work, and preferably has their own car—or the ability to successfully use public transportation reliably. Deinstallers must be punctual.

Wages: starting @ $14.00 DOE, with initial reviews at 90 and 180 days, then every year. After a 90-day probation period, paid sick days accrue at a rate of 3 per year. There are 6 paid holidays per year. Other benefits to come, we are a growing company.

Preferred experience: 

– 3 years construction site work history

– Must have valid drivers license with a clean driving record to be able to drive anything from pickups to trucks under 26,000 GVW.

– ability to use power tools, such as sawsalls, denailing guns, drills, roto hammers, etc.

– experience with hand tools such as crow bars, pliers, straps, and hammers.

– ability to lift over 50+ lbs.

– construction site and personal safety skills.

– working understanding of how to remove materials (or how to put them together – we can teach you how to unbuild!)

– competency in moving materials to prevent personal injury and protect materials from damage

Company at a glance: GreenLynx performs deconstruction of buildings for materials reuse, pickup of materials from clients, sales & donation of reclaimed building materials, and investment property rehabilitation.


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