Deconstruction Project Manager

Temporary to full-time,  $18 — $23/hr DOE

Location: North Bay, San Francisco Bay Area

GreenLynx performs deconstruction of buildings for materials reuse, pickup of materials from clients, sales & donation of reclaimed building materials, and investment property rehabilitation.  The Deconstruction Project Manager (DPM) supervises staff in the Deconstruction division— including drivers, deinstallers, laborers, and other deconstruction-related personnel.

Basic Function: Perform the supervision and duties outlined below to maintain  the smooth, professional, efficient, and safe operation of the Deconstruction department of GreenLynx. Help develop and implement new programs for the Deconstruction department, and participate in the development process of other related departments such as Retail Sales and storage yard, Investments, and Reclaimed Lumber. Maintain good client relations, and ensure co-workers are properly dressed, on time, clean, respectful, and generally happy at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities: Work with Chief Operating Officer (COO) on deconstruction projects, eventually phasing into taking the lead on projects from start to completion. Organize the flow of project phases, drive trucks or organize routes, lead and perform tasks with co-workers, coordinate the flow of all materials including both the recovered materials and the debris created, and administer safety meetings. Research safety current best practices, general requirements, and standards for the deconstruction industry, recommend and attend trainings for/with the Deconstruction division, and administer on-the-job-training as needed.

Write a report and present to the board on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Learn and perform the job bidding process, assist with the hiring and termination of coworkers, attend networking events, and support the implementation of new business ventures.

The DPM is in charge of monitoring hours, signing timesheets, and submitting the records to the CFO for payroll. The DPM makes recommendations in regard to the hiring and termination of coworkers, assists in the creation of job descriptions and postings, conducts recruitment, conducts 90 Day, 6 month, and yearly reviews with staff along with COO, when available.  

This job is very physical, and often times there are a lot of stairs or ladders to climb. There are many items that weigh in at over 50 lbs and are awkward to handle. Good lifting posture and the ability to lift 50 lbs or more is required.  A DPM must be able to travel around the SF Bay Area for work, and preferably has their own car—or the ability to successfully use public transportation reliably. DPMs must be punctual.

Wages:  $18 to $23/hr, with the possibility of salaried position depending on experience, with initial reviews at 90 and 180 days, then every year thereafter. After a 90-day probation period, paid sick days accrue at a rate of 3 per year. There are 6 paid holidays per year. Other benefits are still to come, we are a growing company.


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