Wag the Dog


In the green deconstruction and building materials reuse industry, material supply continues to be notoriously hard to predict—like the proverbial tail wagging the dog. That makes it difficult to supply customers with any consistent level of specific goods, especially high quantities or guaranteed qualities of goods. Material supplies jump in the summer, sometimes forcing existing reuse centers to play dead and stop accepting materials. In the Bay Area, we have 7 champion reuse centers, and yet they still must turn down supply in the summer because their floors are just too full. This makes our job as a deconstruction firm challenging, but by maintaining a close relationship with reuse centers, we can gauge their capacity more easily.

On the flip side of the busy season, some stores struggle with maintaining inventory when deconstruction wanes in the winter. For instance, our partner organization, The Away Station, is currently almost out of cabinets—and desperately needs donations—and it is only mid-August! This downtime is usually when stores focus on reorganizing, looking for better ways to seek donations, and broaden the types of materials they take. For deconstruction companies, we don’t roll over during this period either—we turn inward and clean tools, service our fleet and equipment, and diversify our project load.

An orange dog trying to bite his own tail

Our plan at GreenLynx is to finally catch that supply by actively sniffing out the materials we know are in demand, or that would make great products. We’re looking to train those contractors who are willing to learn about what materials the reuse industry needs. We’re also planning to perform some tricks by manufacturing new products for reinstallation into your new projects —keep your ears trained for more on that in a few months.  Right now, we’re on the hunt for deconstruction projects of buildings that are pre-1940’s, or smaller gut remodels with these materials. Of course, to benefit our nonprofit partners, projects that have recent remodels with finishes and fixtures begging for a second life are very welcome. So give The Away Station a call if you have cabinetry ready to drop-off, or call us to disassemble and transport to their yard. If you need pointers on how to remove materials properly, give us a call – we’re happy to give advice.

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